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Hoodie: 5 Tips to Wear it correctly

Hoodie: 5 Tips to Wear it correctly

Hoodie: 5 Tips to Wear it correctly

Hooded sweatshirts or hoodies are casually worn clothing items. That’s because there is no proper way or style to wear a hoodie. This casual clothing item is so versatile that you can style it in tons of different ways according to your needs and requirements. Hoodies either serve as the foundation or add a finishing touch to the solids. All you need to do is find a correct-sized, high-quality, neat, clean hoodie. In the article below, I will discuss five tips for wearing a hoodie correctly. So let’s have a look. 

Choose a Fitted hoodie: 

The first and the most important thing is to get the right size hoodie. For this, you need to know all your measurements. Take an inch of tape and measure your body parts, including chest, length, sleeves, and shoulders and match these measurements with the size chart given on any online store. Hoodies are mostly loose fit; that’s why I don’t recommend people to go for a bigger size. Simply put, the easiest way of improving your fashion sense is to wear clothes that fit you perfectly. 

A proper-sized hoodie looks effortlessly stylish, and you can quickly wear it at different casual gatherings. 

Always Prefer neutral Colors: 

Hoodies always tend to stand out, even in muted colors. Also, hoodies are specially meant for winters; in colder seasons, it is preferred to wear neutral colors. Bright colors look great in spring or summer. Sharp hoodie colors like Red, yellow, popping orange, etc., seems so bossy and flashy. If you want to stay low-key, then always wear muted-colored hoodies like black, white, gray, sky blue, etc. Neutral colors can be easily mixed and matched with other winter essential clothing items, and you can create many different outfits using the same hoodie. 

Always Wear something over it: 

As I mentioned above, hoodies are so versatile that they can be mixed up with other clothing pieces to make different outfits. An outfit is a sum of different parts, and you can make it best or worst depending on the clothing item arrangement. Wearing something over a hoodie always makes a trendy and stylish outfit. You can use a leather jacket, a denim jacket, a long bike Jacket, or a fur coat over a hoodie to strike a warm and elegant look. The best part of layering up a hoodie is it keeps you warm and cozier and adds so much style to your dull winter look. 

Strike A balance between top and bottom: 

We have discussed hoodie tops already, but what you wear below your waistband is equally essential. Simply put, it’s better to say that there should be a good balance between top and bottom. As hoodies are casually worn clothing items, always pair them up with casual bottoms and shoes; for Example, Wearing oxford boots with a hoodie won’t work at all. 

You can style a hoodie with jeans, chinos, sweat trousers, tailored pants, and even denim shorts. Also, always wear sneakers or converse with hooded sweatshirts. 

Always use small accessories: 

Accessories play an essential role in making your outfit stylish and trendy. Sometimes a small accessory can do wonders. If you are wearing neutral-colored hoodies, adding a splash color will instantly charm your personality. You can always try a popping-colored or patterned scarf or muffler. Or use a bright-colored wristwatch or band. 

For ladies, a bright bag can also help you look super stylish, and men can pair up a popping beanie to keep their heads safe and stand out from the crowd. 

Wrapping up!!!

Hoodies are the latest fashion toys. It has also been ranked as a King of fashion by the famous Demna Gvasalia, who is the artistic director of Balenciaga’s house. Hoodies are so popular among people you can wear them on every casual occasion. Explore Logachi.com to find some excellent quality hoodies at affordable prices. Logachi is one of the best online clothing stores. 

How many hoodies do you have in your wardrobe, and how do you style them? Share your essential tips regarding hoodies with us in the comment section. 

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