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How to style a Hoodie?

How to style a Hoodie?

How to style a Hoodie? 

The hoodie is the most humble clothing item that belongs to every wardrobe. This clothing essential is not so expensive and hence serves you for different casual occasions. Hoodies were first invented in the 1930s and became popular in 1970’2. Since then, everyone has loved them, disregarding their age and gender. There is no proper way of wearing a hoodie, and you can style it in every possible way according to your requirements.

 Here in this article below, I will briefly discuss how to style a hoodie. So let’s have a look. 

Style a Hoodie with bomber Jacket: 

Hoodies are best for layering up, as they are winter essential clothing items, and you can always layer up to stay stylish and warm both at the same time. Pairing up a hoodie with a bomber jacket is an excellent idea when the weather gets freezing. Bomber jackets are hot; they are super comfortable and give a trendy look when paired with a hoodie. Plus, there is no specification of colour; you can style any colour hoodie with any available bomber jacket. 

Style a Hoodie With Long Coats: 

Long coats are the best clothing items for winters, and they keep you cosier even when you are not in bed. Long coats are mostly made of wool and fur; hence they are incredibly soft, smooth and highly comfortable. Pairing a long coat with a hoodie is one great idea for winter. A hoodie keeps your head covered, whereas long coats give the best protection to your body. The best thing is this casual look is super trendy. Pair up a popping colour hoodie with a long neutral coat to impress everyone with your winter style. 

For bottoms, you can choose anything like trousers, jeans, chinos etc. Using small accessories can make this outfit even more attractive, so add a beanie, muffler, or sunglasses to look chic. 

Denim jackets: 

Just like hoodies, Denim jackets are also all-rounder. They are timeless and versatile. In addition to that, denim jackets are best for both genders. So, how about pairing a classy denim jacket with an old hoodie lying in your wardrobe for ages? Denim and hoodies both look great together. It’s a super casual look that’s best for everyday events like parties, hangouts, dinners, and even casual work days ( if your office environment allows it). 

This street-style outfit looks even chicer when paired with cool accessories like hand bands, neck chains, beanies, sunglasses, etc. So add up your favourite accessories to complete this super casual winter look. 

With Blazers: 

Last but not least, Blazers are another wardrobe essential that belongs to every wardrobe. Blazers are lightweight, highly breathable, elegant and stylish clothing items that go best for formal and casual outfits. Styling a hoodie with your favourite blazer this season is a must-try. Please take out your blazer, and mix and match it with any pullover hoodie. It’s better to style a popping colour hoodie with blazers like black, navy blue and royal blue. 

Carry this bright casual look at different casual and semi-formal occasions and impress everyone with your style statement. 

Wrapping up!!!

Fashion is not about having too many clothes; buying many items is not dangerous for your pocket, but fast fashion trends also have hazardous effects on our environment. That’s why I always suggest people learn how to style a single clothing item in different ways. For example, above, I have explained how to style a hoodie differently. 

How do you style hoodies? Please share your fashion ideas and tips in the comment section below. 

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