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How to Style An Oversized Hoodie

How to Style An Oversized Hoodie

How to Style Oversized Hoodies? 

The trend of oversized clothes started in the streets; for many years, fashion designers tried to ignore this, but eventually, they forgot their skinny pants, skin-tight dresses, and muscle-hugging shirts. There is no doubt that oversized clothing items are not only very relaxed but also highly fashionable. For example, an oversized hoodie looks so trendy compared to usual pullover hoodies. That’s why I always suggest people go a size bigger while buying sweatshirts, Oversized Hoodies, and t-shirts.

Do you have an oversized hoodie in your wardrobe? If yes, then take it out right away because below, I will discuss briefly how to style an oversized hoodie this season. 

How to Select an Oversized Hoodies? 

Many big stores and branded shops are now loaded with oversized hoodies, sweatshirts, t-shirts, and baggy trousers. Going oversized doesn’t mean looking clumsy. Make sure you wear big clothes while maintaining your elegance and style statement. Borrowing a hoodie from your brother to watch Netflix is fine, but for stepping into casual parties and hangouts, I always suggest people get their oversized clothes. So read the size guide on websites carefully before buying an oversized hoodie. 

If you wear size “S” on regular days, then going XXL is silly. It would look like you are wearing your dad’s sweater. In addition to that, your oversized hoodies should not be so big and thick that it eliminates the space for layering up. So always select a middle-weight hoodie. 

The last thing to consider while buying an oversized hoodie is color. Blue, grey, white, and other neutral colors are best for hoodies and sweatshirts as these colors go out with maximum clothing items from your wardrobe. Black is a highly versatile color. It’s timeless and looks great on every body type. 

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How to style oversized hoodies in 2022: 

Once you have bought a suitable hoodie for yourself, it’s time to figure out “How to wear it”. Following are some ideas to style an oversized hoodie in 2022. 

With jeggings, jeans, and trousers: 

One defining rule of styling an oversized hoodie is to wear it with tight bottoms like jeggings, slim-fit jeans, and trousers. These best show your curves and figure and give the perfect balance to the bigger-sized hoodies. 

With shorts: 

An oversized hoodie with shorts is another fantastic combination. This super casual and comfortable look is best for routine gatherings, casual hangouts and friend meetups. Try pairing up cool sneakers or canvas to complete this look. 

Choose the right accessories: 

An oversized hoodie looks so cool in winter, but you can make it even cooler by adding some chic accessories. When styled with jeans or trousers, try pairing up accessories like Check mufflers around your neck, a beanie, or a round hat. You can also use hand bands or sunglasses to add some extra charm. 

Finish the look with Footwear: 

With oversized hoodies, you have a wide choice of Footwear. This versatile clothing item looks great with many footwears. Try styling ankle-high boots to maintain balance. You can also go for sneakers or canvas for casual outings. 

Wrapping up!!!

Here is a brief guide on how to style an oversized hoodie. There are not many do’s and don’ts of styling an oversized hoodie, but always try to keep a balance between top and bottom. 

How do you style your hoodies and sweatshirts? Feel free to share your style tips with us in the comments below. 

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