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How to style an Oversized T-shirt

How to style an Oversized T-shirt

How to style an Oversized T-shirt? 

T-shirts are a wardrobe essential clothing item, and they belong to every closet. In other words, it is wise to say that no wardrobe is complete without a good collection of T-shirts. Tees are humble, versatile, and timeless clothing essential that literally goes out with every clothing item currently present in your wardrobe. Therefore, they are best for every season and casual parties.  Many different designs and types of Tee are available in the market. Like V neck shirts, crew neck shirts, skin-fit T-shirts, and oversized T-shirts.  There are not many hard and fast rules about styling a T-shirt. You can mix and match it with different items to create unique outfits daily. But below, I will briefly discuss how to style an oversized T-shirt

So let’s have a look. 

What is an Oversized T-shirt? 

An oversized T-shirt has loose-fitting. It falls below your waistline and adds volume to your outfits. You might have tons of regular tees, but no other clothing item can beat an oversized T-shirt’s comfort and classic style.

How to buy an Oversized T-shirt? 

If you usually wear size “S” shirts, go two sizes bigger and select “L” shirts. Many big brands have separate size charts for oversized clothing items like shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts. Read the size chart carefully to buy more oversized tees for yourself. 

T-shirts look great in every color. A pooping color shirt is best for spring and summer. It adds extra charm and liveliness even to your boring outfits. On the other hand, neutral colors are more versatile as they can be easily styled with most clothing items available in your wardrobe. 

Below are some great ideas to style an oversized shirt in 2022. 

With Blazer: 

Styling a size bigger shirt with a blazer looks so cool. Blazers are smart casual clothing items that are best for regular outfits and semi-formal events like work presentations, business meetings, and dinners with clients. An oversized shirt and blazer make a perfect combination. Be careful to select the color of the blazer and shirt, and both should be in contrast. Tuck in a shirt into pants or add a belt to make this look even more relaxed.

 A smart accessory like a necklace or a popping color handbag can add an instant charm to this outfit. Also, buy some unique oversized shirts from Logachi.com. 

Off-shoulder look: 

You can easily create this bold and super stunning look by using an oversized shirt. Just take a bigger shirt and let it hang loosely below your shoulders. This look makes your neck, collarbone, and shoulder more attractive. It’s best for women with good physiques. Add some small accessories to make this outfit chicer, like a popping color belt, a bag, neck chains, bracelets, etc. 

With denim shorts: 

Denim shorts and oversized shirts are another best combinations for summer/ spring. Denim shorts are casual, comfortable, and super stylish. When paired with an oversized shirt, they make a simple outfit that’s best for regular friend gatherings, beach parties, picnics, and dinner dates. Add on some popping color accessories to make this look more attractive. 

With slim-fit jeans: 

Oversized shirts and slim-fit jeans are other excellent combinations. Jeans are a staple of clothing, and they look best with every item. Denim pants and bigger shirts are the best companions for ages, and they always look trendy. 

Wrapping up!!!

Here is a brief discussion on how to style an oversized shirt. How do you style your shirts? Please share your style ideas with us in the comment below.

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