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How to wear Hoodies in 5 Modern Ways

How to wear Hoodies in 5 Modern Ways

How to wear Hoodies

Hoodies are back!!! They are one of the most humble clothing items in every wardrobe. Hoodies are casual, comfortable, trendy, and timeless clothing items that are perfect for all human beings disregarding their age and gender. There are many ways to style a hoodie; of course, you can mix and match it with different clothing items to create unique everyday outfits. Below, I have selected 5 Modern ways that How to Wear Hoodies in 2022. So let’s have a look. 

What is Hoodie?

A hoodie is known as a sweatshirt with a hood. It is made of cotton and polyester, giving you comfort, style, and warmth simultaneously. Hoodies come under the category of casual or sportswear clothing items. 

How to wear a hoodie in 5 modern ways? 

Hoodies are best for layering; that’s why they are commonly used in winters. Below are the five best ways to style a hoodie with other clothing items. 

With Denim Jacket: 

Hoodies and denim jackets look perfect together. This is one of the old styles that always look trendy. So please take out a light color hoodie from your casual clothing collection and pair it with wash-out denim right away. It’s a relaxed street style, best for informal parties and random friend’s hangouts.

This must-try style statement is best for men as well as for women. Add a small accessory, like a beanie or a wristband, to make this look even cooler. 

With leather jackets: 

Leather jackets are another winter wardrobe essential. These jackets are best to keep you warm and safe in icy weather conditions. Leather jackets look even more stylish when paired with a casual hoodie. This combination looks classy and sleek and is best for weather like rain or snowfall. Add a pair of long boots to complete this look. 

You can casually pair up leather jackets and hoodies for different routine occasions like hangouts with friends, evening walks, shopping, and dinner with your loved ones. 

With tailored Pants: 

One of the best ways to blend casual and smart clothing items is to combine a super comfortable hoodie with smart tailored pants. This casual smart look is so trendy and classic. You can also carry this outfit on casual work days, meetings, and presentations. You need to take out tailored pants and match them with your favorite hoodie. (You have a wide color choice when it comes to hoodies). Then, add up a pair of sneakers to make this outfit cooler. 

With Formal button-down Shirts: 

A zip-up hoodie and a formal button-down shirt are other incredible combinations you need to try this winter season. Take a dark-colored zip-hoodie and pair it up with your favorite light-colored button-down shirt. Carry this look in the office, at formal meetings, and gatherings. This outfit is super classy as well as highly comfortable too. 

With bomber jacket: 

A hoodie with a bomber jacket is the best urban style. Bomber jackets are essential winter clothing items that look super cool when paired with a hoodie. This outfit keeps you safe in cold weather at the same time; it gives you a lot of style and comfort. Add a pair of Chelsea boots to complete this look. 

General Guidelines For hoodies: 
  • Always select cotton hoodies. They are lightweight and highly breathable. 
  • Choose a fitted graphic hoodie to look sharp and smart.
  • Oversized hoodies are best for gym and exercise. 
  • Pullover cool hoodies are better than zip-up hoodies
  • Always select timeless and versatile designs and colors. 

Here are the five modern ways to style a hoodie? So how do you wear hoodies? 

Share your style ideas with us in the comment section below.

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