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Every Types of Shirts Explained

Every Types of Shirts Explained

Every Type of Shirt Explained: 

Without any doubt, shirts are the most versatile article that belongs to every wardrobe. There are tons of different styles and designs of shirts available. All you need to do is fill your wardrobe with the right pieces. Once you have collected the suitable types of shirts, no one can stop you from creating unique and different outfits every day. 

In the article below, I will discuss different types of shirts and why you need them in your wardrobe. So let’s have a look. 

Oxford Button-down Shirts: 

Button-down shirts are the most commonly used shirts by men. They are classic, elegant, and give an instant style to your personality. Oxford shirts are made of thicker material and are primarily slim fit. Button-down shirts have been in fashion for the past 100 years, and there are no chances of them going out of style soon. I bet all men have a good collection of these shirts in their wardrobe, but if you still don’t have any, this season, get your hands on some trendy and stylish Oxford shirts and level up your style game. 

Flannel tyles of shirts: 

Flannel shirts are best for layering up, these shirts are made up of lightweight fabric, and mostly they are a relaxed fit. Flannels are button-down shirts that look perfect when paired with T-shirts and jeans. These shirts are great for street-style looks and casual parties. 

Denim Shirts: 

Denim shirts always stand out in the crowd and are the most versatile and timeless shirts any man could ever get. The best part is you can wear denim shirts in any way, and they will always look stylish and trendy. Denim shirts are all-rounders; feel free to style them throughout the year. In addition, Denim is highly durable, used for decades, and then passed on to the next generations. 

Linen shirts: 

These highly airy and breathable shirts are unmatchable when it comes to summer clothing items. Linen is a soft, comfortable, lightweight fabric that gives a Debonair and dashing look. Linen shirts are the next big thing in the fashion industry, and people are drooling over them. They are relaxed, fit, and perfect for regular use. Linen shirts mostly come in half sleeves and have buttons on the front. Pair up your airy and cool linen shirt with jeans, shorts, chinos, and hoodies, and rock this look at different casual events. 


Chambray shirts are sophisticated clothing items just like their name. Many people confuse Chambray with denim shirts, but the fabric used differs. Chambray is made up of light material; they are a relaxed fit and highly breathable. That’s the reason these shirts are men’s favorite shirts for casual events. The best part is that you can style Chambray with any other clothing item, and they will always look trendy and stylish. 

Polo shirt: 

Polo shirts are Wardrobe Wizards, which look classy when paired with any other clothing article. Polo’s are best for every occasion; they look great at casual parties and semi-formal meetings and presentations. The best part is polos are available in various colors, so you always have a choice to make your wardrobe colorful. 

Henley shirts: 

Henley shirts are the solution to your sudden plans. These shirts are casual, comfortable, lightweight, and easy to style. Henley shirts are all-rounder. You can style them in summers and use them for layering up in winters. 

Wrapping up!!!

Here are the different types of shirts explained; if you love versatility, get your hands on various shirts and upgrade your wardrobe immediately. 

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