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What is Sustainable Fashion? 

What is Sustainable Fashion? 

What is Sustainable Fashion? 

There is no doubt that the fashion industry is destroying our environment badly. According to global experts, the fashion industry produces 10% of total carbon emissions, even higher than collective flights and transportation. In such a scenario, we must need fashion trends that are less hazardous to the environment and humans and animals. The concept of sustainable fashion has become the talk of the town, and humanists and globalists are emphasizing adopting this Fashion to minimize the adverse effects of the Fashion industry. Now the real question is what is sustainable fashion, and why is it important? 

Sustainable Fashion is defined as: “Products, processes, and activities that are less hazardous, fulfill all human rights, and are highly durable.”

This Fashion aims to reduce carbon emission and produce products in a way that eliminates carbon-di-oxide from our environment and, as a result, promote a healthy lifestyle for workers working in the fashion industry. 

Why is sustainable fashion important? 

There are many reasons why this Fashion is important and how it works for environmental benefits. Some of them are listed below. 

Less wastage: 

According to the research, one truck of industrial waste is dumped into land or water resources every second. It means the fashion industry is not only polluting our land, but it is dangerous for water bodies and spices living in them. Sustainable Fashion doesn’t follow any fast fashion trend. Hence it is more focused on quality products with less wastage. 

Save Natural resources: 

According to a survey conducted in 2015, 97% of clothes produced are from new resources, and only 3% of them are recycled. Every year tons of oil, fertilizers, water, electricity and other resources are used to produce new clothing items. At the same time, sustainable fashion emphasizes recycling old products to save resources and use them in a better way. 

The clothing industry is one of the biggest consumers of water resources; water is consumed not only for washing garments but also during manufacturing, dyeing, and finishing processes. Later, the industrial waste is released into water bodies, polluting the remaining water resources. Sustainable Fashion, on the contrary, requires less water consumption. They have water on-budget policies that help in saving a lot of water. 

Reduced Carbon emission: 

As mentioned earlier, carbon emission is one of the main reasons for global warming and other environmental changes. It’s polluting air quality and making it difficult to breathe. These fashion brands are focused on the procedure that results in reduced carbon emission. Hence they are playing their role in saving the environment. 

Ensure fair Wages and Proper Work Conditions: 

Most fast fashion brands produce their garments in poor world countries. They hire workers at low wages taking advantage of their poverty, and hence these workers have to work in poor conditions. On the other hand, sustainable fashion brands give priority to their workforce; they provide suitable working conditions to everyone and promise to offer fair wages. 

Save Animal Lives: 

Animals are an essential part of our ecosystem. Many clothing items and accessories are made of animal hides like coats, leather jackets, bags, shoes, etc. Sustainable fashion brands have strict animal rights policies, and they use leather and fur alternatives to manufacture clothes, shoes, and accessories. 

Wrapping up!!!

Here is all you need to know about sustainable fashion and how it benefits the environment and living beings. Our social responsibility is to promote these fashion brands and products to reduce life hazards and make the earth a better place to live.

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