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What to Wear with a Black Hoodie

What to Wear with a Black Hoodie

What to wear with a black hoodie? 

Gone are the days when hoodies were only considered athletic wear. They were used by sports persons, for exercising and gyming. Now with the changing fashion trends, and by looking at the versatility and comfort of hoodies, they have become a wardrobe staple for everyone, including men, women, kids and older people. In simple words, hoodies have become a fashion classic for everyone. 

Hoodies come in different styles and designs, but majorly there are two types of hoodies, A pullover hoodie and a zip-up hoodie. As the name suggests, zip-up hoodies have a front zip, whereas a hoodie that needs to be pulled over your head is known as a Pullover hoodie. 

Hoodies come in different colours. If you love popping colours, then blue, yellow, green, red, mustard, orange, and pink are the best for you. Also, there are neutral colour hoodies like black, navy blue, skin, off-white, white, and grey. 

There is no proper way of styling a hoodie; you can style it according to your comfort and requirements. Below, I will briefly discuss how to style a black hoodie. A short discussion for black lovers. 

With Khaki Chinos: 

Chinos are the most comfortable pants for men; they are versatile, timeless and look trendy when paired with other clothing items. Khaki Chinos look super cool when paired with simple black pullover hoodies. As we all know, black hoodies can be paired with other clothing items. 

This super classic look is best for regular outfits and casual days. Add a small accessory to make this look even chicer, like a check print muffler, a super elegant wrist watch etc. 

For shoes, you can have multiple options. For example, this outfit goes great with sneakers and white canvas. 

With grey Sweatpants: 

During winters, all you want is to always stay in your sweatpants. Of course, sweatpants are highly comfortable clothing items for men, and they are warm, look fantastic and keep you relaxed even on a freezing winter day. Sweatpants come in different colours, but I always prefer neutral-coloured sweatpants for men. Pairing a grey sweatpant with a black hoodie is the best winter daytime look. This outfit is comfortable, easy to style and best for casual days. 

Add a pooping colour muffler, a head scarf, or sunglasses to make this outfit cooler. In addition to that, a pair of black athletic boots are best for this casual look. 

What to Wear with a Black Hoodie [All black]: 

Men are fond of black colour. I believe men can wear this colour literally throughout their lives and won’t complain. Black is classic, versatile and timeless. An all-black look can never go out of style so try going all black this winter. Take your black chinos or denim pants and pair them with simple black pullover hoodies. This looks best for casual parties, hangouts and dinner dates with your loved ones. 

How about pairing black sneakers to impress everyone with your style statement? 

Blue Denim pants: 

Blue denim pants belong in every men’s wardrobe. No wardrobe is complete without having 2-3 blue denim pants. These pants are highly versatile, and you can wear them with every clothing item invented in human history. They look great with hoodies, long coats, blazers, jackets, t-shirts, polos, and this list is quite long. So this winter season, pair simple blue denim with black hoodies. You can choose any blue denim-like wide leg, straight fit, slim-fit, or ripped denim, depending upon the availability. It’s a super casual look best for routine outings. 

Here are the top 4 best ways to What to Wear with a Black Hoodie this winter season. So how do you style hoodies? Please share your styling tips with us in the comment section below. 

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